Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Weight of It

As the day comes to a close my heart is full of many emotions and thoughts.  I have thought many times throughout my day what to write for this special day.  It had to be something fitting, something meaningful, something that would match the historical weight of the day. 

This morning as I hung our flag, I said a pray for our country, and her future.  I thought about where I was eleven years ago feeding our kids breakfast glued to the radio.  Every 9/11 I remember that day, as we all do.  Today came with a stronger weight. 

I went about my day, pretty typical, probably like most Americans.

Then tonight it was all brought back, full circle, if you will.  Hubby and I went for our walk and came upon people gathering for a memorial service.  We kept on walking, feeling like outsiders.  Then as we were driving away, traffic stopped, people stopped, time stopped as firetruck after firetruck, drove passed with the lights on.  It hit me again in my gut and in my heart.  The weight of today.

This 9/11 is different to me then the rest.  The weight of the election is on us all.  I normally don't get up on my soapbox and get all political in this blog.  However, today I can't keep silent.  Today, I owe it to the men and women who have lost their lives one way or another for our country.  I wish I had the ability to write in such a way to convince even one of my readers to vote for freedom.  To vote for the rights of unborn babies, to vote for liberty, for limited government, for the sanctity of marriage, for freedom of religion, to vote to protect the money my husband and yours works so hard for.  To vote in a way that my children will have a future we have worked hard for them to have.  I could go on and on, only to bore you, but oh, that my words would persuade you.  Though I don't think that highly of myself as to compete with the media.  Vote not for a certain race or against it.  This is not what it is about, but to protect America and her people, our people.  America can't keep going down the current path much longer.  Please don't stay home because to vote will only mean to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Vote because we need to protect our country, our children and their future.  If only my words truly held the weight fitting for today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

My sister and her family came to visit for the Labor day weekend.  
It was great to see them.

We went to the zoo.

 Celebrated M's birthday.

Had a girls day out in the mountains.  We window shopped , had dinner and then watched a melodrama.

We did more, but that's for another post!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Down syndrome

The whole process of wanting children with Down syndrome has God's hand all over it. 

In elementary school I was in a drill team that meet at a local park ever Sat.  A group of people/kids with Down syndrome met there too.  I would occassionaly see them.  They made me feel uncomfortable.  I was unsure what to think and react. 

Some time growing up I remember my dad and step-mom talking about adopting child with Ds.  I flashed back to the images I had and thought "No!  I don't want a brother or sister with Ds."

I began getting into the world of blogs and came across a couple of bloggers who's DD had Ds.  Reading their stories REALLY changed my heart.  What I saw was beautiful baby girls who were a blessing.  I saw the love there family had for them.  I learned about Ds itself some through their stories.

I got directed to Reece's Rainbow and checked it out a couple of times.

I started reading more and more about Ds.

A call about a cousin whose baby may have Ds, changed my heart for good.  (The baby is totally fine.)

I started looking more and more at the beautiful faces on Reece's Rainbow and started falling in love, praying for them, calling some of them my Jimmy, my Bogden, etc. 

The burden was heavy on my heart.  I searched and search for ways to be around people/kids with Ds.  Finally I was able to volunteer with Special Olmpics.  And met some amazing people.  All that was in my heart was confirmed.

To me they are beautiful.

Hubby didn't take as long as me to fall ing love with people/kids with Ds.  He has fallen in love with all of the cuties I have been putting on our pc.

God was faithfully softening my heart all of these years.  Had my hubby said yes to adoption years ago, children with Ds were no where on our hearts.  It is God's hand that we have waited this long.  It was me who had to change, not hubby this whole time.