Friday, March 28, 2014

Around Here

Christmas present

Our neighbor had a downed tree sitting there in his yard for some time.  We asked, he said yes and we made it into these.

Son sprayed them with a light stain and sealer.

We are getting rid of the chicks and got some new hens...I know we are hard to keep up with.

New girl trying to fit in.

Last but not least, our girl Midge sitting on her favorite place, laundry.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Henny Penny

 Thought it was time for a hen update.  Here's Shantel.  Our son's hen.  We think she's the producer of the brown eggs with speckles.  She is the plumpest one of the bunch.  If you go into get an egg that she's sitting on she may peck you.  I usually leave the egg/s there if she's sitting onto of them.

 This is Ginger, one of our Americaunas.  She lays pale green eggs.  She doesn't stand out all that much.  The Easter Layers are calmer and quieter than the other breeds.

 Not sure if this is Red or Phoneix.   I have to see them together to tell.  She too lays brown eggs.  She is one of the noisy hens.  These Production Reds are the rowdy girls in the bunch.  They will peck at your legs, toes, etc.  Especially Red.

 We had some bad winds a few days ago.  Here's what it did to the coop.  Good thing the cold weather is almost over.  See Ginger, she lead me everywhere today.

 Cheeky aka "Cleopatra" and either Red or Phoneix laying eggs.  Doing what we love!!  Hoping it's a five egg day.  We need more of those.

One last shot of the camera friendly Ginger.

Monday, March 17, 2014


 Selfies at the Apple store in El Paso.  We are now apple converts.

 Son took this pic of our two dogs.  He loves this affect.  We got Midge spade Sat. and are taking Dolly into the vet today to have some of her bumps looked at.  She is getting old and has many large bumps.  Two of which she keeps scratching and won't let heal.  I need to have "that" talk with the vet to see if she is in pain, etc.  I almost cried giving her a bath today.

Yes, green velvet cupcakes for St. Patty's Day.  We try to have people over every year for corned beef and cabbage, and any other Irish food we throw in.

 And yes, we did.  We did get more chicks.  We wanted to buy a hen who is already laying, but they are very hard to come by.  We are going through eggs like crazy, thanks to growing teen son.  This little chicks are growing so fast.

We are not sure what breed these are, the store didn't even know.  The all cream one is Blanca.  The one with the big black spot is Dot and the other is Ink.

Monday, March 3, 2014

A New Page

I have no photos or any awesome stories to share, just a quick note.

Today is my first day of early retirement (as someone called it last night).

I have quit my job as a full time special ed educational assistant to be a part time substitute.  For sure, for now, I am going to sub in my class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There is a precious young lady who comes then for whom I am her one-on-one.  My goal is to work three days a week, possibly four.  We will see how that goes.  I am more than excited to be able to spend more time at home, doing things, serving the ones I have been for all of these years.

So hopefully, I can blog a bit more as well!

For now, have a great day and let me know if you are still reading.