Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Shop that i LOVE

There are a few shops I have to tell you about.

One of my all time favorite Etsy shops is Retrofied.
She has some of the coolest bags!
She is a real sweetheart too!

She has diaper bags too!
Makes me want a baby, just so I can have one of these diaper bags.
She makes new items often and has bags for every taste.
Go and check out her shop!

My mother-in-law used to tell me this often when our daughter was a toddler.
When I saw this, I loved it.
LOVE the colors.
Nan Lawson has more like this and some really cute are as well!

Last but not least, I saw GeeZee's work first on one of my favorite blogs...
Whatever...and loved what she made for Meg.
It is hard to pick just one to show off here.

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

the tale of two chairs

A quick note before I tell you about the chairs:
I have hardly taken any meds for the GERD in two weeks! 
I KNOW that God healed me, because I could not do that before. 
 I would be in alot of pain.
Priase God!

Now onto the chairs.
I may redo our kitchen table one of these days.
(out of my comfort zone) 
I may want to have mix-matched chairs.
(love it in mags and books, but not sure if I will love it in real life in my dining room.)
So with that in mind, I found this chair which is in need of some serious repair for 50 cents!! 
(even if I mess it up...no biggie...50 cents!)
I took hubby over to the thrift store and asked him if it could be fixed. 
He gave me the go ahead. 
(which means he'll help.  heehee)
Some sanding, paint, material, and the back put on and she should look grand!

Remember this chair?
I showed it to you here.
I didn't redo much other then the fabric.
It is much nicer to look at.
I had photos of me working on it.  Where they are???
All I did was staple the fabric on,
draw lines on, tape and then paint.
Our son said it looks like a race car. 
(He hasn't seen the blogs with the feed sacks, etc.)
Hubby, is happy I am happy!

Now for the food!

I LOVE brisket!  I mean L.O.V.E.
I came up with this yummy recipe.
It's all to your tastes and depending on the amount of meat you have.

Clean Your Fridge Brisket
Brisket, here I used about 2-3 lbs.
Ranch Dressing, maybe about 1 cup
Sweet Pickle relish, 2 TBLS
Dijoin Mustard, 1 TBLS
Housain Sauce, just a dab, hubby isn't hip on the taste that much.
Soy Sauce. A shake, shake, shake will probably do.  Ok, shake some more, it's fun!
Mix your sauces in a bowl and pour over the brisket.
I had to make more.  I wanted the brisket to be good and covered.
Slow cook.  Shred with fork.  Spoon sauce from slow cooker over the meat.
Can be served with bread, as in a sandwich or eaten as is.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New in the Shop

Two things that always are nice to hear in your inbox:
You've got money!
And You've been featured!
I received these two a couple of days ago!

I was featured here for my window pane redo!
I also made money from a digital scrapbook kit that I made with
Man in the Moon at ScrapMatters awhile ago.

I also made three more cake plates for my Etsy shop.
They are going fast, so if you want one, hurry and grab it!
I think this is my new thing.  I love finding these treasures and putting them together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rootin Tootin Tube Shootin!

Dear Hubby and to went to the Flying J Ranch Sat. 
He and the kids went when his family was here.
I was sick, so I missed out.
We had a good. time.
Here the bad guys and the sherrif are fixing to have a gun fight.

The sherrif took them all with one shot!

Here our son is with some guys from church.
They had a grand time shooting up their TVs.
God is moving!

Our son again, at the fair, street preaching.
(sorry for the quality of the photo.)
Ok, my lunch break is over.  It's back to school!

Friday, August 20, 2010

heart of the matter

sorry that i haven't been creative lately.
we have been busy.
rodeo...one of my favorite things to do.

here our daughter had her first driving lesson.
she did pretty good, though there was a strong smell of burnt clutch. 
i was in the car once she actually got going.
i have to be honest, i thought i would be calmer then i was. 
good thing i was in the back.

also, i mentioned earlier that i had been going through some stuff.
well, it's my health.
i didn't want to come on here and complain or make you all feel sorry for me.
but here it is.
it started out as a pain in my lower stomach.
then bad, really bad, stomach pain and problems.
(some of the things i feared, i did not have...thank GOD!)
GERD, high blood pressure (never had), meds and more meds, rapid heart beat, low potassium, too much blood work for my bruised arms, later.
(toss in fear, worry, doubt, etc.)
it has been a doctor filled few months.
here i am wearing a holter (hubby thought i had a holster).
he also said i look like a cyborg.  son says i am robot mom.
it will tell the doctor what my heart is doing, etc.
also had an echo (ultra sound of the heart) done.
i was supposed to wear the holter for 48 hours (no showers, etc.), but a couple of the little sticky pads kept coming off, even after i taped one of them.
so i took it off.  i lasted over 24 hours though.
i had to keep a diary of when i felt the symptoms.
press the button and write done what i was doing.

yesterday, i had a break through in prayer! 
it was really good. 
i know that God is my healer, my strength.
in the end i am victorious.

so please if you pray, please pray for me. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

for you

When I sat down to eat my lunch, check my email, and download a couple of things, I didn't expect this:

If that doesn't work look up I Fought For You by The Sound Tank on YouTube.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Heard on the radio...

"Try our NEW Frosted Flakes with less sugar!"

Um, don't people eat frosted flakes for the sugar? 

As hubby was screwing in new latches on the cabinets and I was making dinner a stirring ad played about being a Marine.  You can hear the music, the manly voice, the pride...anyhow.
I asked him if he feels good when he hears marine commericals. 
To which he replied, "Yeah, sometimes."  Pause, then continued, "This one seems kind of emotional."
"It moved me." I reply.
"Maybe they are trying to recruit more women."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock of Ages

Make sure you turn off the player at the bottom.
Here's the scene...
I hear the kids playing Rock of Ages on their guitar and drums.
"Hmm, they don't sound too bad.  Let me record them."
So I sneak to son's room, lay on the floor and put camera as near the crack as possible.
If they knew I was video taping they wouldn't play.
So I record son playing drums.
"Come on.I want to get you both."
Then this happened.


So they let me in.  They want me to sing for them.
They think I won't put the video on my blog with my voice!!
Haha!  Here it is...you may want to have earplugs handy!
Our daughter just learned this song and got stuck on the chorus.

(Please don't notice our son's room...it's a long story.)

Son told me to show you the words so you'd know what I was singing.
Sorry about the bouncing.
I had no idea I was keeping time.

I ended up joining them with my voice and bass, but things just went down hill from there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Funny Faces

We have been taking our kids to the library since...forever.
As soon as she was old enough, our daughter started to be a volunteer for the summer reading programs.
Thursday was the closing ceremony.
Here she is (yes the one covering her face), with her friend and library partner.

Okay, let me explain.  Our son is of the age that EVERYTHING and I mean everything I do is dumb or embarressing or both.  I have fun.  I get into music.  I make faces.
Well, he pulled out the camera thinking it would make me stop being silly.
HA!  I just got him in on it too.  He took a series of funny, cut off photos.

Now, here's the same son (my only son) getting prayed for. 
He and the other kids graduated from children's church.
Thank God for a Pastor who will pray for/over our kids. 
I honestly don't know who took the photos of the graduation. 
I was in the nursery, but poked my head out to see him go up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The F-Word

I know...you don't like to hear it or say it.  It can conjure up some bad thoughts.  But sometimes you just need to say it.

I'm talking about...fiber.

We have tried to eat healthy (not crazy healthy) over the years and have found ways to add fiber to our diet.
Now more then before I need to add fiber to my diet.  (side note...the problems I mentioned in an earlier post were some health problems I was having.)  I know we all have heard of the benefits from adding fiber to our diets.  Well, it's not all bad.  Take last night's dinner for example (sorry no pics).  I took a chicken recipe and replaced it with two types of beans.  It was a hit.  Except with our son, he doesn't like beans.

Cheesy Beans Simmer

Two cans beans (I used red and great northern), drained and rinsed
One can cream of chicken
4oz cheese, you know the block kind you use for nachos
Broccoli enough for your family
Cooked brown rice, again enough for your family

Cook the rice and the broccoli.  Heat the beans in a skillet with some oil.  Once heated add the cream of chicken and the cheese.  I added some garlic and onion powder.  Stir until melted and well mixed.  Mix the cooked broccoli in and serve over the rice.

That's it!  I am sure can add whatever else you like.  Our daughter went in for seconds!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nothing to say

i am sitting here knowing that i should write something.

but what?

i did the dishes today and will have to do them again, since i baked (fig spice cake...YUM).

i need to iron for church...we are in revival with robert palaco.

i took the kids to swimming...two hours to myself!

i wrote a post on my homeschool blog.  i did a facelift on it an love the way it looks.  are you like me and stare at your blog?  am i just weird?

i made my bed and other daily chores (are they still called chores at my age?)

i made fresh limeade...refreshing.

i got caught up on my computer things.

i vacuumed (two c's or two u's?) my room, sweeped the bathroom floor.

i had a pretty "normal" calm day.

i know boring...but i like boring...i will write more exciting stuff another day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Post Reading

Do you ever read through your old posts?

I just read through my whole homeschooling blog.  WOW!  So glad that I have that.  What a great reminder of why I homeschool and how far we've come.  Really made my day and helped me get focused (as school is two weeks away).  I think I need to make one of those books.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For all you digi scrappers

just a note for all those digi scrappers...ScrapMatters is down, has been for a few days.  Andrea, the owner is on top of it.  I will let you all know when it's back up.  Until then, I am having withdrawals!