Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trapped Under the Sea

This is a Blogging for Books review of trapped Under the Sea by Neil Swidey.

I love this book for so many reasons.  Number one: it's about the place I love, Boston (just outside of it).  Number two: it is about real life and real people.  Number three: it is very well written.  The list goes on.  I like that the Neil Swidey paints a portrait of the main characters in the story.  The men who, knowing the possible risk, take the historic job to make a place for themselves, to make a living, even to make a fresh start, some who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  He takes us through each man's personal life throughout the story, drawing us, the reader, in.

I have to admit that I know nothing about deep sea diving, anything about welding, or anything that has to do with pipes under water or on dry land.  So, while Mr. Swidey did his homework and knew his stuff, some of the information was fascinating, the technical information was a bit over my head.  Those parts of the story lost me a bit.  For me this was the only down side (that and there was a bit too much personal info on one of the main characters for my taste).  I was grateful for the illustrations of the tunnel in the book.  It really helped piece it together for me.

Other than that I loved it.  I kept talking to my husband about the story, the places it took place.  Being from the area he was familiar with many of the places.  Which really made it more personal for us.  Deer Island is now on our list of things to see when we go back to Massachusetts.  

While I was a bit let down at the outcome of the trial, I appreciate Mr. Swidey's remaining neutral on the matter.  He lets the reader make up his/her own mind, the outcome and who is at fault.  I am also glad that he followed through with what happened in the affected persons lives after the accident on Deer Island. 

The story was written in such a way that it will remain with me for a very long time.  It also gave me a new perspective on major projects, buildings, dams, the like that were made by people.  What we see, the outcome, the tall building, the story bridge, is not always the whole story.  It has made me curious to read about the back stories on many other famous and not so famous fixtures and landmarks.

I would definitely recommend this book.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Golly, I am so sorry for the long absence.

So many things have happened; that and life.

This happened...

 Our daughter got married!!!  He is the best for her.  I could really go on and on!

 My son-in-love's mom is one of my closest friends.  I was his first Sunday School teacher.  God is SO good.  He answered so many of my prayers.

Adjusting to life without her in the house has been different, to say the least.

We got...

Midge (here with our niece).  You can follow/like her on FB.

I cut my hair.
BEFORE...If only it stayed like this all day...everyday!

 I found somewhere that would take grey & low-lighted hair.


I went here with Hubby.
Camping.  Not something that I normally like.  I had fun and would do it again.

There are more things, but that is for another post.  If there is anyone still reading...THANKS!