Thursday, January 26, 2012

the party-the details part two

the cake stands were simple.
candle sticks from thrift store, some glue on the upper lip of the candle stick
and press the album on...

just wipe away the extra gunk and you're done!

the holders for the oreo pops.
i cut some of the table cloth to cover the styrofoam.  cut a circle for the top, taped it on.  then cut a strip and taped it onto the sides.  place it in the small record bowls (we called them our ashtrays).

we had these hanging from the ceiling too.  from walmart.

we were originally going to dip the oreos in white chocolate then sprinkle with colored sugar, but the kept coming off the sticks.  so i used a cake piping bag and tip.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the party-the details

i know some of you wanted to know how we made the decorations.
i bought a big stack of 45's from an online yard sale.
drilled holes in 7 of them (see pic 3).
then threaded them with thin twine, reajusting the distance as i went.
laid them out to make sure they wer all straight. 
no measuring, just eye-balled each hole.

daughter made the decals.  we glued them on.

then i glued the lettering and glittered them all up.  they really took a long time to dry.

the bowls.
the smaller albums took longer to "melt".
All i did was set the oven at 250 degrees F.
watched for the record to bend.
the small ones more or less just curled and i bent them some with my hands.

the biggers records bent right away like 2 minutes.  i took the out set them in a bowl and sort of pressed the center with a jar, shaping as i went.  they harden quickly.

some layouts

 sugarplum paperire
 lauren reid
 lauren reid
sahlin studio

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the party-the games

The games were really the highlight.
there were two written games..."how much do you know about...?
and "name that tune."
hubby took charge of the games.  what a blessing.
oh, also you had to guess how many candies were in the jar on the table.
529 (i think) and daughter counted them all out!
there was (i don't know the name) a game where you pass a gift, that has been wrapped like 6 times, around.  when the music stops, the person holding the gift unwraps a layer.  The winner is the last one to unwrap it.
musical chairs.  the girls held their own against the guys. 
then the three-legged race.  these 4 guys were the winners of their groups.

too much fun!  no broken bones or major injures.

Monday, January 23, 2012

the party-the decor

much of the decor was inspired by pintrest and blogs.

both kids decorated the buttermilk pies.  (she has these pies every birthday.)

the wind picked up, hence the banana.
The party was a big hit!  Most everyone came and then some.  We had enough food and drinks.  Everyone played the games!  There was laughter and just good fun all around!  Hubby helped out big time with the games.  Son helped set up...he really has a knack for it.  Afterwards we were all pooped!  It was all well worth it though!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Reason to Love Walgreens

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Friday, January 20, 2012

sweet sixteen

Tomorrow is the big day...daughter's sweet 16 birthday party.  We have been getting ready now for some time.  Just thought I'd share these with you.
The top photo is me on my 16th.
The bottom one is our daughter at 16.
(I haven't forgotten about the answers to the civil war ?'s.  I have seriously been super busy.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Can You Answer These?

1. Who was the general of the Union army?
2. Who was the general of the Confederate army?
3. What was the cause of the civil war?
4. Tell me what the Emancipation Proclamation was.
5. Which side, the North or the South, had more resources, money, men, etc.  Did this help them win the war?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

if you give a girl some garlic

if you give a girl a big bag of garlic.
she will put it in a jar.

she will take out all of her spices.  she will refill, mix, and empty.

she will relabel and make a chart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

would you ? do you?

Would you/ do you eat day old apple slices?

Reheat day old coffee?

 Crush your water bottle loudly like a muscle bound teenage boy?

Store things on top of your frig?  Or have a dirty frig top?  (YIKES!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

life is like that

It all started with a Christmas card.
Well, it got restarted...I guess that's the word I am looking for.

Let me give you the back story.
Hubby was in the U.S.M.C.  It was 1992, Feb. I think.
We were fresh newly weds, 3 months.
He was getting deployed to Japan.
There was a deployment "party" for the spouses and families.
I didn't want to go, so I just picked hubby up afterward.
As I waited outside there was another wife, not at the party.
Angie and I met and became instant friends.
We were both young, newly wed, scared, our first deployment.
We clung to one another for 6 1/2 months.
She taught me how to make tater tot casserole in her kitchen.
We talked through her dog's parvo.
I drove to her place on base late at night after the wind blew my door open, scaring me half to death.
We took photos of each other for our hubbies.
We watched each other's wedding videos and cried. 
I got her a job at the local hospital where I worked.
She ended up going into that field.

Our hubbies, who didn't know each other, actually got put together in the armory and became friends. 
When our hubbies came home, all of the spouses waited and waited in this building.  Angie and I were stuck together, not talking, just watching and waiting.  Once we saw the buses driving up some how we were holding hands and I remember looking at her, we said something and then she let my hand go.  Her hubby was back.  My hubby was back. 
Somehow we lost touch.  Fast hubby got sent to Oregon for work. 
They live in Oregon.
The guys are getting together tonight.
Oh how I wish I was there.
I have thought of those 6 1/2 months with Angie so many times over the years.
So many times have I served that tater tot casserole.
Funny how in such a short time in our lives someone can have such an impact.