Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Social Worker,

Dear Social Worker,

I know you don't know me, but I would like to tell you a few things about myself.

I am a mom of two kids.
Two kids whom I had to have a special  procedure done to carry them to full term.
Many sleepless nights I have walked the hall humming, rocking, cradling my children to sleep, comforting them through teething pains and something's-just-not-right pains.
Countless messes have I cleaned up, from simple spills to vomit covered bedding to bloodied bathroom floors and clothes (from bloody noses).
Numerous trips to the doctors in and out of town have I driven.  Hours waited in the waiting rooms for routine check ups to more serious diagnoses, x-rays, therapies and treatments.  Countless prayers have been sent to Heaven for healing and care for my little ones and teens.
A library's worth of stories read, a tree's worth of coloring pages colored, store's worth of sticky notes used as friendly reminders and little love notes.
Untold hours devoted to developing who I am so I can better mother my children and raise them to be good, honest, productive citizens.
So very many precious moments, listening, comforting, advising, correcting, sharing, laughing and crying.
Cringe worthy driving lessons, ear-piercing drum playing, guitar playing, singing lessons.
Countless...sacrifices.  Sacrifices I would never take back.  Sacrifices I don't regret.  Sacrifices I so want to make for someone else's child.  Sacrifices I am so willing to make for a child in your care.

Now please, dear social worker, tell me why you won't do extra paper work to send a child in your care out of state.
Dear social worker, please tell me why you won't even look any home study, any family not in your area, not in your district or city.
Tell me dear social worker why you don't know more about the "condition" the child in your care has so you can better "treat" that child and find a family who does.
Please tell why you won't answer calls or emails.
Why don't you care enough about that child in your care to sacrifice?

I will fly to the ends of the earth for my kids and for children whom we would like to adopt... please tell me why you don't want to do a little extra work.  Are they not worth it?

The child in your care's potential mommy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School

Today is the first day of school.  Son went back to public school!  His first time since 4th grade (which he only went to one week of).  I think he is going to do great and like it a lot.  It was the right time all of the way around.  (you can read about it here.)  I took him for his first day.  He was nervous and had to find out where two of his classes were.  Sending him to school was different this time.  In elementary he liked it, but also had a lot of rough patches, especially in 1st grade.  (Teachers can make or break the school year.)  He did well in school, made friends, etc. but did better at home on many levels.  However, this year he is more than ready.

When we started out homeschooling him the plan was to get him caught up and send him back in, say in 6th grade.  After a month I LOVED it.  He LOVED it.  I taught Son at home for the 4th grade year and then kept Daughter at home as well.  Teaching them both felt so right.  We had SO much fun, did So many things and a home schooling family.  I even had a home schooling blog.  Those were good times.  Times I will cherish always.

However, Son grew and really needs to be out, and learn from someone other than Mom.  I have no real concerns, no what will he do if...thoughts.  I know him, and I know he'll do good.  This is a big point in his life that he will succeed at.