Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Layouts!

Just catching up on some of my latest Layouts.

LOVE this kit by Sahlin Studios and Valorie Wibbens

Here's another birthday LO.
I used Make a Wish and Birthday Word Art by Sahlin Studio.
This was for a template challenge at ScrapMatters.
This LO made GSO!!!  Toot toot for me!

Ugh!  I wish Blogger would copy and paste!

Credits here

credits here
Some self-protraits from DD.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Okay, Blogger has changed again?!

I tried to upload a photo...and that has changed.

Had to get a Picasa account.

ScrapMatters is having a HUGE, I mean HUGE iNSD this weekend and them some!

You won't want to miss this!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Decor

I told you I would try to post these by Friday...well that didn't happen.  Life got in the way.
Anyway, here's the new additions to our kitchen.
Our kitchen was Fava Green (like sage).
Now it's Antique Lace with White trim.  SO much brighter.
Also, we had roosters and rooster decor.
Now, I am going...well, I don't really know what style, just whatever I like.

Here is a two-for-one.  I bought these letters at hob lob.
I got inspired by this blog.  I LOVE this color. 
It's a 2-4-1...and DS LOVEs to switch them often.  "Eat" and "Tea".

Next, is the black "S".  Also bought at Hob Lob.  I LOVE letters and numbers.  I didn't know just where I wanted to put this.  So for now it goes here!
The numbers I got for 25 cents each at this "junk" store out of town. 
I can see myself going back there again and again.
The "98" has no meaning.  Just hung it like that!

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this sign from the "junk" shop.
The thingy under it, I already had.

Ok, I am throwing these out here.  I have these for sale (the chicken has been sold).
Each is only $3.  If you would like to buy them, I accept PayPal.  Thanks!
(The cookie jar is missing the lid.)
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Window Pane is Done!!

Remember the window pane I bought at a yard sale for $4? 
Here it is before.
I was going to hang it in our hallway, but then changed my mind.

It is hung in our entryway.

Nevermind the holes in the wall.
We had a shelf there and haven't filled the holes yet.

I originally hung the photos with colorful binder clips.
They left marks on the photos.
So I switched to these cute clothes pins from Walmart.
I also cute some flowers from our yard to hang.
Smells good when you come into my house!

One of my fave photos, our kids with some friends who moved.
Hi Anne!
I have more holes in the window for more eye screws and wire.
Oh the wire!  Funny story. 
There's on online yard sale site here. 
While I was looking, I saw someone selling picture wire for 50 cents.
Just what I need.  So I look at the person selling...
I know her.  I got it for free!
Anyway, I just drilled holes mix matched in each window slot.
I measured (I usually eyeball things) each one, except the first.
The first one is uneven, but it gives it character.
I will probably go back and add more later.

To top it off (or end it), I needed something to hang stuff, my purse, etc. 
I was going to drive to hob lob and look for something.
Instead I drove to this Junk Store (I WILL go back there on a regular basis.)
This was outside and calling my name...LOUD!!
(I think it was $5.)
I got it not knowing just where to put it. 
It fits perfect under the window.
I didn't do anything to it!
After doing all of this, I painted it flat white.  Then used Valspar Porcelain Crackle Glaze and finished it off with Valspar Antiquing Glaze.  I have lots left, so I see more projects coming! 
One thing I learned with the Crackle Glaze (which really didn't show up too much.)  Is to paint it on real even next time.  The antiquing glaze shows off just how your strokes were.

I finished a couple more projects.
I will post those tomorrow (or Friday).
I need you to keep coming back!

Monday, April 19, 2010

which way to go...

i am in the midst of probably one too many projects all at once...but i like it this way...most of the time.

let me give you a quick run down (photos will follow as projects are done)
i painted the kitchen...antique lace with white trim.  i am redecorating it too.
redoing the kitchen vallances (not sure what i want exactly.)
redecorating the hallway.
have a ton of little decorations in my head.
still need to paint the office (that's on hold until we can find some wall lockers.)
need to finish the window project.
painted some letters today...pretty!
have material for pillows.
having some church ladies over on thursday...need to make munchies for that.
about to put on my shoes an go for a walk...laundry can be put away later!  heehee!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We Really LOVE Our New Vac!

**It really does suck up the pet hair.
**It gets son to want to vacuum!!
**Our rugs are clean again!

Our old vac bit the dust, or maybe it choked on it. 
I have to tell you, it never really was that great anyway.
When you have pets, you need a good vac.
There was always pet hairs left over, not now!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

some layouts...

My dear hubby is finally on the mends.  He has been sick for a bit over two weeks.

Just made this one in today's speed scrap at ScrapMatters.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung (in most parts of the US).  If you're like me, you LOVE LOVE fresh flowers in our house.  If I was rich I would probably have flowers delivered all year round.  But there is something about having fresh cut flowers from your yard.  However, sometimes the flowers don't realize they need to grow longer stems to fit into vases.  So here's what I did.  I took an old votive cup and used it as a vase.  Perfect!

Yes, that is the window pane in the photos.  It's almost done!  I am SO excited!
I also did some spring cleaning on our pc.  I transfered a LOT of our photos, scrap book stuff to our hard drive!  I always feel better after that is done!

Have a great day!  And thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Window Pane

Friday I had some time to work on the window pane.  I called in hubby for some how to advice.
Here he is pooping out one of the two remaining windows.  They came out MUCH easier then we thought they would!

Here I am scrapping off the loose paint.  This thing had paint chips chipping all over the place, which looked cool, but came off like nothing.  Can't have that all over the floor.
Here's our beloved Dolly.  She'd sit near by the whole time I was working, trying to stay in the shade.

The window had the original rope still on it.  I wanted to leave them but it won't work with the way I need to hang the pane.

In spite of having a bad virus for about two weeks now, hubby still managed to crack a smile!
What you see is the back of the window, by the way.
 Here is what was holding in the glass for the windows.  Hubby had to leave, so I finished pulling the rest of these diamonds out.  They came out very easy.  You can see DS's head down there getting into the action pulling some out!
Next the paint! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Sewed!!

I have been wanting to show you these for about a week, but had to wait...they were a b-day gift one of best friends who reads this blog.  My Yankees-fan-friend who made these (we are Red Sox fans.) on opening day!  You don't see that mess, otherwise know as our desk. 

Now you must know that I am NOT a seamstress.  So this was no easy feat!  I had originally bought the material (from the thrift store, yes my friend knows) with the intent on making pillows for our couches.  I went over to my friend's house to help her with something and brought the material in to show her.  They matched her couches perfectly.  When I laid the material on our couches, they did not match.  Though they look good in the photos!  heehee

I even hand stitched the ribbons on so that you cannot see the stitches!  Insert, me jumping for joy!

I also found this beauty...for $4 at a yard sale.  I have already started working on it. 
Photos to come.
I saw this window pane one Friday while driving.  DH didn't hear me tell ask him to stop. 
I went back the next day and it was still there!!
Now I am on the look out for more!  This one's turning out so nice!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent LOs

First, someone left me a comment starting "I don't know of you'll get this..."  I don't know what happened to your comment.  Never got to read it all.  Could you please comment again.  Thanks!

Now, I have been busy making LOs. 
to see more and for credits go here

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Story pt 2

So I just finished a lunch of leftover BBQ brisket, and a few peanut m&m's!  I thought I had better get back to our story, before you guys get mad!  heehee

So here we go...

Our first real date was at a Mexican restaurant.  Neither of us can remember the name.  We both had chimichangas.  DH recommended it.  He had more food experience than I.  I only knew tacos with ketchup.  Yeap, ketchup!  (Don't worry I don't eat them like anymore, well once in awhile!)  We sat across from each other talking.  I don't remember much from our conversation. 

The resturant was not packed but not empty either.  The lights where dim.  Now DH was thinking that I was just going on this date with him to be nice and this was the last time we'd get together.  I, on the other hand, apparently, was thinking other thoughts .  Now, you have to understand that I was very shy and I didn't tell people how I felt, especially guys.  I still get red in the face telling my DH certain things.  So when I looked at my date and told him, "You have kissable lips."  I was more then a bit embarressed.  I was shocked that I even said that.  I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room and compose myself.

I came back.  I don't remember much of the rest of the night.  DH told me later that he was glad that I told him that.  He knew I liked him and it wasn't the end.  However, he felt pressured to kiss me after that.  He didn't.  He was a gentleman.