Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answers to Your Questions

Ok, so I can't wait a few days before I answer your questions. I had two that actually went hand in hand.

"Are you working on a new kit? Would like to share the colors scheme with us so we can drool? And "If you HAD to make a kit with orange...what color would you use to make it palatable?"

To answer your questions, I am working on a new kit. It's one I actually started before the Design Star contest. I shelved it and kept thinking about it. So, I came back to it and am just about finished! It is TOTALLY different then any of my other kits, especially the last one. Below is the color scheme. Which does have orange.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

1 comment:

Anne of Alamo said...

those are so my colors!! very mexicana! hey go to my blog...and click the hilarious utube thing, It could be a S----n's (whoops, the Bostonian line) relative...I'm so serious...lol, Tony and I were rollin'!

ps. my E is writting J..he was so touched by the letter that J put in the package from Sunday school...thank you !