Saturday, April 7, 2012

My life in 4 Photos...

I know it's April, but I wanted to show you a crazy March weather photo.
March is a crazy month for weather in these here parts!
Here there is a mountain in the background.
The wind was blowing so much that all of that brown is dust and dirt.  
Happens more than I care for.
The next day it snowed!

Watched this little chubs a couple of times!
He is the best baby (well, pretty darn close)!

Hubby has been driving out of town every night for the past two weeks.
So, we don't see much of him
He came home one night and said he had something for me in the truck.
Then he came back in with a Starbucks bag!
Isn't there something about that bag.
He got me the new Blonde coffee (decaf)!
It is nice and smooth!  LOVE light roast and he found it in decaf!

Remember the compost story?
Well, little plants have started to sprout, mystery plants.
I can see that some of them are melons or squash.
The others?  I am starting to suspect that they are weeds.  
I'm giving them one more week to prove that they are not weeds then I am yanking them!


Anonymous said...

Great photos hope pix of Dec. will be on the blog.

shelly said...

What a sweetie bringing home starbucks! we haven't tried the blonde roast yet...I will eventually, but we love our dark roast.