Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching up

Sorry to have neglected my blog for so long.  Life has been beyond full and busy.
So, here is a short catch up.
I think I finally found a diet plan that works for me!
I have cut carbs (the bad ones) and sugars almost out.  Easier then I thought.
When I do eat too much of them (which isn't much) my tummy feels yucky.
Basically here's what I eat:
Bkft: oat bran and oatmeal mixed, sweetened with honey and cinnamon.
Lunch: A shake-plain yogurt, flax milk, a handful or two of spinach, bananas, papaya, and other fruit that around and a handful of peanuts.
Snack: a granola bar or something healthy
Dinner:  Pretty much a healthy dinner.

If  I "eat" for lunch I will drink the shake for dinner.

Believe me I have cheated plenty of times, but for the most part I follow this.

I have also been very faithful to exercising.
 I mainly walk at least a mile and a half five times a week.  Many times I walk double that.  I do run and am doing more of it!  I have yet to get the runners high, but know it is good for me.  So that pushes me on.  I try to change up where I walk.  The mornings have been the best for me.

I have lost almost 10 lbs. in three months sticking to this plan!  I would love to loss another 10.

 In other news, God has been moving.
We needed to get a bigger table.  We were able to switch our table for a bigger one with a friend!  Now we have more room for the child we will be adopting!  Total win-win situation.  I don't know if I told you but a few months ago someone gave us a car!!!  TOTAL blessing!

As far as the adoption is concerned:
We are done with our training!!!  We had our last class last night.
It was so nice to walk into the room knowing that we are done with this part of the process.
Overall, we learned a lot.  There was just so much.  If you go through the training and still want to adopt you are really serious.  They really push fostering and that is a whole blog in itself!
We met some really nice folks and are going to be getting together with them.  We want to see how their journey turns out.

Here's what we have done:
finer prints
background check
references coming back

Here's what we still need to do:
(I think that's it.)

The whole process can be an emotional one.  For me the biggest "thing" is the unknown.
Not knowing who our child will be, when they will come, how they are going to act, how old, what developmental level, the whole down syndrome...

God is good and He is in control.

School is back in session and we have changed it up a bit.
The kids are still studying at home, just differently.
DD is studying for her GED and DS is doing distance learning.
So far so good.


Anne of Alamo said...

those ankles bring back fun memories of watering our lawns together! Love reading about your life and watching the blessings pour over!

Tammy said...

Congratulations!!! :)