Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School

Today is the first day of school.  Son went back to public school!  His first time since 4th grade (which he only went to one week of).  I think he is going to do great and like it a lot.  It was the right time all of the way around.  (you can read about it here.)  I took him for his first day.  He was nervous and had to find out where two of his classes were.  Sending him to school was different this time.  In elementary he liked it, but also had a lot of rough patches, especially in 1st grade.  (Teachers can make or break the school year.)  He did well in school, made friends, etc. but did better at home on many levels.  However, this year he is more than ready.

When we started out homeschooling him the plan was to get him caught up and send him back in, say in 6th grade.  After a month I LOVED it.  He LOVED it.  I taught Son at home for the 4th grade year and then kept Daughter at home as well.  Teaching them both felt so right.  We had SO much fun, did So many things and a home schooling family.  I even had a home schooling blog.  Those were good times.  Times I will cherish always.

However, Son grew and really needs to be out, and learn from someone other than Mom.  I have no real concerns, no what will he do if...thoughts.  I know him, and I know he'll do good.  This is a big point in his life that he will succeed at.

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