Monday, November 25, 2013

22 Things I Love About my Hubby

This month Hubby and I celebrated 22 years of marriage.
Here are 22 things I love about being married to my hubby:
1. He is always funny, always.
2. He is so ever patient.
3. He has given me a sense of adventure.
4. He is a wonderful dad.
5. He loves God.
6. He likes me just for me.  No pretending needed here.
7. He loves to cook and even clean afterwards.
8. There is always someone to talk to, who will listen.
9. Our walks, all of them, long and short.
10. He is affectionate.
11. He gives a different perspective on life that is very needed at times.
12. He REALLY balances me out.
13. He is rather cute, handsome and ...good on the eyes.
14. He helps around the house.
15. He is a very hard worker.
16. He helps with the kids.
17. He has been by my side through some major times and I know he will still be there for those to come.
18. He is out-going.
19. I have done, seen, tasted things & gone places I would've never tried without him.
20. He warms my side of the bed on cold nights, then rolls over to his cold side when I come in.
21. He knows me like no one else.
22. I can trust him.

That was probably the easiest list I have ever wrote. I could really go one and on.

Looking forward to 22+ more years with my best friend!


shelly said...

Congratulations!!! What an example of a cord that can't be broken :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the date. Hope you had a great day together and many more wonderful years together!!!- Jan :)

Aaron Phillips said...

Ummm sounds like a number 2 made me laugh a patient marine is like a cracked out cracked head lol he is probably the most patient marine I ever did saw