Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Henny Penny

 Thought it was time for a hen update.  Here's Shantel.  Our son's hen.  We think she's the producer of the brown eggs with speckles.  She is the plumpest one of the bunch.  If you go into get an egg that she's sitting on she may peck you.  I usually leave the egg/s there if she's sitting onto of them.

 This is Ginger, one of our Americaunas.  She lays pale green eggs.  She doesn't stand out all that much.  The Easter Layers are calmer and quieter than the other breeds.

 Not sure if this is Red or Phoneix.   I have to see them together to tell.  She too lays brown eggs.  She is one of the noisy hens.  These Production Reds are the rowdy girls in the bunch.  They will peck at your legs, toes, etc.  Especially Red.

 We had some bad winds a few days ago.  Here's what it did to the coop.  Good thing the cold weather is almost over.  See Ginger, she lead me everywhere today.

 Cheeky aka "Cleopatra" and either Red or Phoneix laying eggs.  Doing what we love!!  Hoping it's a five egg day.  We need more of those.

One last shot of the camera friendly Ginger.

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