Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prayers Being Answered

Our daughter is courting (more on that in a another post) a wonderful young man.
I for one am very happy for her.
Since our kids were little I have prayed for their future spouses and for them to have biblical "spouse" qualities themselves.

We also prepare them to move out into the big world without us.  All along thinking that we too are being prepared for their departure.  While she may be ready I am not sure that I am.  However...

Our daughter has grown into such a beautiful young lady inside and out.  She is tender hearted, knows what she wants and doesn't back down easily, a passionate person.  She is responsible and compassionate.  She is talented and loves to serve God.  She has a heart for the lost no matter who they are or what they look like.  She has a sort quirkiness (not even sure if that is the right word) about her, which we love.  For her I have prayed for a man who would be easy going and not put demands on her.  Someone who will love her for who she is.  Someone who can communicate with her easily.  There is more but I will save that for a later post.  So far Jonathan is that guy.  They have so much fun together and are so comfortable with one another.  When he is around I watch her relax.  He has already proven protective, caring and a good brother-in-law to our son.  He thinks about the future and has made some sacrifices, that some wouldn't think about, for our daughter and their future.  During the five years that their relationship has been in the making they have kept their focus on God and stayed pure.  We are very proud of them both.  Only good things can come from this beautiful relationship.

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Annabell said...

OMG!! How cuuttee!! Congratulations Colleen!!!!