Friday, September 19, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Golly, I am so sorry for the long absence.

So many things have happened; that and life.

This happened...

 Our daughter got married!!!  He is the best for her.  I could really go on and on!

 My son-in-love's mom is one of my closest friends.  I was his first Sunday School teacher.  God is SO good.  He answered so many of my prayers.

Adjusting to life without her in the house has been different, to say the least.

We got...

Midge (here with our niece).  You can follow/like her on FB.

I cut my hair.
BEFORE...If only it stayed like this all day...everyday!

 I found somewhere that would take grey & low-lighted hair.


I went here with Hubby.
Camping.  Not something that I normally like.  I had fun and would do it again.

There are more things, but that is for another post.  If there is anyone still reading...THANKS!

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