Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last week my DH and I went out of town to our state fair (w/o the kids!!). It was super relaxing! While there we got to meet one of my digi friends and her DH!! Haynay and I (our DHs too) really hit it off! You know you talk to people on line, learn about them as much as you can. But you never really know just how it's going to go when you meet in real life. I knew Haynay was she was even nicer in person. There wasn't lack of conversation either! She is also a fellow designer. Her designs are fun and she lots of sports kits! Check her out! If some of your digi friends are nearby (Haynay and I both drove 1-3 hours) get together! I think our DHs are going to try to get together one day and hunt.


Stacy said...

How cool and exciting that the two of you got to meet IRL.

Haynay said...

It was SO FUN meeting you too Christine!!! Thanks for the compliment, you are too sweet too!