Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas Giveaway!!

I know you are all shopped out, wrapped out, cooked out, etc. I am going to start a bit of a give away!! Starting today I am going to be giving away my kits.
Summer Rain will be the first kit I'm giving away.
Here's the deal:

**Tell me the favorite thing you ate over Christmas.

**Leave me your email address in your comment.

**If you want another entry, then blog about this contest. (make sure you link me to your blog.)

That's it. Today's contest will end Tues around 12:00 (noon) MST.

Good luck. Make sure you check back for more deals!


Nikkie's Journal said...

Although he grew up in Canada, my husband's ancestory is Swedish. His grandmother made Swedish Flatbread frequently throughout the year, but ALWAYS at Christmas. Nanny would never share her recipe with anyone until just a few years ago when she turned 80. She realized she couldn't take the secret with her and wanted it to be passed on to future generations, so she gave the recipe to a few of us whom she thought would cherish it. She even had her cousin in Sweden send us rolling pins made especially for flat bread (it had a textured design to cut into the dough). The recipe was vague" "add enough flour to make it firm enough to handle but still soft". That ended up being 12 cups of flour. The first couple of years it was too thin or too sticky... but this year we got it perfect! It was the highlight of our meal and we all really enjoyed eating the traditional Swedish Flat Bread.

jmutchler said...

I guess my favorite thing is a sweet potato casserole with a praline topping that my uncle is so yummy! jmutch at tampabay dot rr dot com.

Thanks for the chance!

Lorena Digital Designs said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. My favorite thing I ate over the holidays was STEAK! I rarely eat meat anymore, so this, with homemade mashed potatoes, was a real treat for me. In fact, I ate a lot of things I don't usually eat, like ham (Christmas dinner), coleslaw, Fritos with hot sauce, Marinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. Goodness, I didn't realize I'd eaten so much! And all of it terrific. It's a good thing we are very active, or I'd need a whole new wardrobe... LorenaDigital.Designs at Gmail dot com

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I ate cookies and that is definitely a favorite. there is nothing like christmas cookies!!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Inge said...

best dish: aardappelgratin (think patatoes, garlic and cream... yummie!).

scrapinge at gmail dot com

Kat Designed said...

Birthday cake, lol!

keepscrappin said...

I love to eat homemade carmels and my friend Christine made some for me. They were soooo yummy!

Thanks for the chance to win a kit.


kayla_chamberlain (at) yahoo (dot) com

Courtney (aka cnscraps) said... favorite thing I ate over Christmas was probably all those darn cookies! Every year my mom makes a bunch of cookies and well we ate A LOT of them! haha....

cnpetr at gmail dot com

Kristy said...

My favorite thing I ate over this Christmas was my Grandmother's Peppermint Candy Cake. She passed away two years ago, during the Christmas season, and this was the first year anyone could attempt to make the cake as she had always done. Itwas a wonderful memory of her.

kendallt said...

My favorite things to eat around the holidays (or anytime really!)are sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth! My best friend recently moved back home to Alabama, and she sent me a huge tin of goodies--everything from peppermint bark to homemade truffles. It's all so yummy!! I'm so lucky to have a such a good friend whose favorite hobby is baking! ;)


logie424 at hotmail dot com

Green Box Creations said...

The best thing I ate over Christmas was the oreo truffles. They were delicious! Thanks for the chance. My email is apatchetear at aol dot com.


notes4theheart said...

My favorite Holiday treat is Pecan Tassies! We ALWAYS had them growing up and this year, the task fell to me to make them. They're delicious and the recipe has bee in the family for 60 years :-)

notes4theheart at

justasiam said...

The favourite thing I've eaten over the Christmas holidays is a traditional dutch food called oliebollen. These are similar to deep fried doughnuts...bjwfarms at yahoo dot com