Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kit Giveaway 2

Today's kit giveaway is Softly Spoken. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning (I hope).
Though this is not an American tradition it is something that our church has been doing for years on new years. We have a big potluck. And there's usually a big spread of food. We have some good cooks. We have a No Talent Talent Show. Where people who normally don't perform get up and make us laugh or cry. It is really too much fun. This year our DD is doing something! We have had end of the year videos. Then we pray in the new year.

Here's the deal:

*Tell me what your countries/families New Years day festivities are.

*Leave your email address.

*For an extra chance blog about this contest (link me to it).

That's it! Good luck!


jmutchler said...

This is beautiful. I'd love a chance at winning it!

jmutch at tampabay dot rr dot com

Our family partakes of the German tradition of pork and sauerkraut for properity in the new year...boy do I need it! With my recent health problems and my husband out of work since he beginning of September!

jmutchler said...

By the way, I was born and raised in York, PA which was a settling area for Germans who immigrated to America.

Suzee said...

Believe it or not...we have a seafood fest! We lived in Florida for quite a few years and it became a tradition for my family. My husband hates ham which would be my choice. So the seafood tradition stuck...its ok though because it is really yummy. Good thing its only once a year since seafood is pretty spendy now that we live in the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for the chance to win this really yummy kit to start off my new year! email is magickalteddy at hotmail dot com.

redheadrev said...

Beautiful kit!

My family doesn't have a New Year's tradition. We might watch the ball fall in New York, but probably not. We just go to bed. But, we enjoy that, so I think it's OK!

Simply Vixen said...

oh, it's Pepper Pot Soup, and the Mummer's Parade in Philadelphia, PA and after the parade, it's pork and sauerkraut dinner waiting for us when we walk in the door

so much fun and oh so yum!

lovely kit btw!
thanks for the opportunity!
Happy New Year!

RKSP said...

Our kids are very young, and so we are all asleep for the New Year! But every year we end up going on a massive cleaning/organizational spree. Not the most exciting way to start the new year, but it sure is nice to begin the year with a clean house!
E-mail is sapphire underscore 319 at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Love the kit. Such soft colors.