Friday, July 9, 2010

all's quiet again

Our family has all left.
Dear hubby and are back from our night away.
Tomorrow we take our daughter to stay with my mom for the week.
Aunt N. always goes here.
The kids used to be under the sign...sigh, they grow so fast.

Aunt N and the guys hiking.  Son is almost as tall as my hubby. 

Back at the Funtracker...
These two got soaked!!

After the rain...more go-kart races.
Let's see in the last two weeks we...
Had mother-in-law, nephew and aunt come
stayed in a condo an hour away (back and forth)
had sleep overs
made tents in the living room
watched fire works...twice
went to see where they held Billy the Kid
went to a gunfight, cowboy show
old mesilla, lunch
tried to go to white sands, got rained out
tried to go to an american indian rodeo, got rained out
go-karts x3
mini golf
bumper boats

I know I am forgetting something.
Our nephew was the busiet of us all.

I need sleep!

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