Saturday, July 10, 2010

Traditions and Growing Pains

My hubby and MIL were talking about Grandma's meat pies. 
Grandma lived next door to my hubby when he was little.
He'd go over often and eat her meat pies.

On a whim, she showed me how to make them.
I have to be honest, when I first tasted them, I said,
"They are good, but it's not something I'd crave."
Well, I ate three of them.  Hubby said they are better the next day.
He is right (as usual).
They are tastey, little feel good treats.

Grandma's Meat Pies

(all of the ingredients are as much or little as you want)
1 LB. ground meat, browned
1/2 or 1 onion finely chopped
salt & pepper to taste
crust, we used 2 ready made for 8 pies

Saute the onions until soft.  Brown meat, until done.
Add enough water for the meat to "swim" in.  You can let this set while you prepare the crust.
Before adding to crust thicken meat mixture with a flour "paste".
*Flour paste- add about 2 TBLS flour and some water.  Stir until you have a thick, yet runny paste.
Add to meat mixture.  If you want a thicker gravy add more flour paste.

Cut crust.  You will need a top and a bottom.  The bottom needs to be a bit bigger.
We baked them in a muffin tin.  So cut your crust to fit your tins.
We actually cut a cardboard template from a cereal box for the bottom.
And used a large plastic cup for the top.
Fit the bottom crust into the tin. 
Fill with meat mixture.  Run a wet finger over the edge of crust.
Top with top crust.
Press edges with fork to seal.
Poke top twice so air can escape.

Bake @ 350 for about 30 minutes.

Enjoy!  You can also used meat mixture served over mashed potatoes.

Our son's voice is changing, he is moody and tonight he took another step towards manhood.
He mowed the lawn by himself.  He didn't think he could do it, but did wonderful and with a smile!

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