Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sam's Update

Awhile back I posted that we are going to be trying out Sam's Club to see if it helps on the grocery bill.  You gave me advice and tips.  Thanks.

I felt I needed to update you.  Sorry I have no photos.  I always want to just get in and get out.

It seems to be working!  Though the drive is a bit long, we have noticed a difference.

Here's what we buy:
POMS toilet tissues (we seriously got through a-LOT)
bottled water
milk (daughter doesn't like the taste, but mama likes the price)

as needed/occasionally-
instant oatmeal
powered drinks
brown sugar/splenda packets
ground meat (not to daughter's liking)
other meats
gum (gotta have the gum)
dishwasher soap

Here's my stragedy:  we buy the items on our everytime list, then depending what is left on my main grocery list I get whatever items I can from the other list.  So this time I will get ground meat and detergent, the next time the gum and ... well you get the idea.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

So is your food budget lower at all?

Pressed Petals said...

mandi...no, we haven't lowered our food budget. i have had the same amount of $$ for food for a number of years. my food budhet is for toiletries and such as well. it helps me to get more of what we need/and some extras.