Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In the 20 years that hubby and I have been married a regular schedule has been one thing that has not been too regular.
Me, I like a schedule.  Not a down-to-the-minute type schedule, just like to know what's going on at about what time each day.
I used to not be so good at handling schedule changes in hubby's work or our lives.
However, last night after driving (2 hours) hubby to work and then home (told that day he'd have this overtime) I began to think of how far I've come in being flexible with the changes.
His current job is pretty regular and that is nice.
Yet, they usually tell him very last minute when he needs to do overtime, go out of town, etc.
So, last night was nice hubby and I got to drive an hour by ourselves.  (SO nice having older kids who can stay home.)   Then I got to listen to two great radio shows on the way home by myself.  God is good.

Okay, enough babbling.  Have a great day!

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