Wednesday, March 7, 2012

march mumblings

today is another WINDY day.  
to dusty, so yucky out.
this time of year sort of stinks...the temp is perfect but you can't enjoy it due to the wind.

one of my dearest friends is adopting three more kids, to make their total 7!  
i am SO happy for them.
those three boys are going to LOVE it.


two of the teen boys on my frig (the Reece's Rainbow kids) have gotten families!
God is good!

saw my first robin of the year!!!
LOVE, LOVE these birds.
spotting my first one of the year is like blooming flowers to me.
his lovely mate.
son was watching them this morning and was excited that it found a worm.

B100 makes your pee SUPER yellow and after two days made me smell like Noxzema.  
weirdest thing.
stopped taking them.

Have a wonderful day!

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