Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random, Just Random

 We have dill growing in our garden.  I used this wreath to dry it out.  Our laundry room smells so nice and herby.

 Bad photo but nice dill flowers.

 Some of the church folks and the kids and I went to Three Rivers.  See the tall boy in the red shirt?  That's my boy!

 C. started her first job at Taco Bell.  (Taco Bell was my first job too.)

 This doesn't even show how hot it has been here.  Dry and Hot!  Our A/C went out last night.  The A/C guy is on our roof as I write.

 J. and his friend painted the front trim on the house yesterday.  (Excuse the windows.  I sprayed them off before they painted.)  They hung an old shower curtain up to cover them from the sun.

Surprise!  The next second he was running from the camera.

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