Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special Olympics-Softball

 I have recently started to volunteer with Special Olympics in our area and love it!  Right now we are doing softball.  I wasn't needed to play so I took photos, which you know I love to do.

This is my new friend Ms. L.  She so fits the saying "Wouldn't hurt a fly."  We warmed up before the "game" tossing the ball back and forth.

 I thought she was so cute rounding the bases.  Everyone (by every means of the word) is so encouraging and helpful.  She tuckered out near home plate, but with help, she made it.

I don't now this gentleman.  His daughter/granddaughter helped him to get first base.  Everyone got to get to first base.

To explain this video: The taller young man (teen) needed someone with him.  He gets distracted very easily.  The other young man (teen) took full control with such maturity and grace.  Lead him around the bases with a totally understanding of what it means to help and support.  Although they only got to first.  The compassion was not lost to me.  It a powerful sight to watch.

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