Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Everyday Smoothie

This is really for my mom, but you can enjoy too!
For a few months now I have been drinking this for lunch (sometimes dinner).
You have heard me talk about it a few times.
It is really a create your own smoothie kind of thing.
Which I love.
Here are the goodies I put into my shake.  (Sometimes the fruits vary.)

Here's the basic goodies for the smoothie-yogurt, milk, banana, kale (or spinach).

I don't measure, ever.

It will all blend better done in this order.  The fruit weighs down the kale.

I cut up my own papaya and any other fruit about to over ripen.  I LOVE blueberries on here too.

It usually makes more then this.  I usually completely top of the cup.

Some tips/notes:
Mangos make the smoothie thick.
Apples, grapes and skinned fruit don't get all of the way smooth.
You can add vanilla extract if you need to sweeten it up.  (I use unsweetened yogurt.)
Depending on the fruit you may need to add more milk.
Spinach blend smoother.
Kale tastes more "green".

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