Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Morning After Confessions (not as juicy as it sounds)

(This is a pretty random post, and yet it is all related.)

Okay, well, two mornings after.
I have to confess that I went to bed a bit heavyhearted the night of the elections.
I got up the next morning and decided that Obama may be stealing getting more of our money but he isn't going to steal my joy!  I had a great time reading my bible and praying.
Then it was off for my pre-breakfast, pre-kids waking up, pre-...well you get the idea walk/jog.  It felt great.  I felt great all day.

Something happened that night when I went to bed, reading about how a woman with a learning disability changed her brain...good read.  Something got resparked (is that even a word?).  Don't know what clicked, but I got re-energized for homeschooling again.

I confess, I was feeling pretty burned out from teaching.  High school kicks my butt!  Most home schooled high schoolers can pretty  much school themselves at this point.  (How's that for fitting in as many "school" words in as possible?)  Well, not so in our house.  I was this close (can you see my fingers?) to sending him back to public school...this close.  He was not a happy camper.  Alas, I have come up with a new plan.  We are sticking with the current distance learning, and I am adding a heap of work onto his day and mine.  We have just begun this and I am already behind on my "chores".  Why oh why does this happen every time I regroup?

So, at the end of this journey, our homeschool journey, our journey with four more years with Obama, both of our kids will be graduated and able to vote.  Me, I may be starting all over with our "new" kids.  Anybody got an few extra brain cells I could have...maybe that's covered in Obamacare.

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Andi said...

Wow do I ever miss you. So great to hear about your life. You're such a dear. I've had some time to re-group too. Life seems to come closer into perspective when we have time to "evolve". Hugs.