Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Healthy Food

I have to tell you healthy food sure is colorful.
Hubby and I went out of town to some markets.

Starting my own cantaloupe seeds and drying homegrown dill.  Please excuse my dirty windowsills.  We've had some winds which bring a lot of dust.

Son has taken to making his own smoothies.  Worth all of the mess.

Salmon...why did I wait SOOO long to eat it?  

Not sure if spaghetti squash is a hit or not.  We had two meals with it.  It is very easy to cook and easy to "shred".  Will have to give it another shot. 

Also tried soybeans or edamame.  Yum!  Very good in oriental food.

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shelly said...

oh the Dust!!!! Seriously, why did I sweep and mop today?!? We like spaghetti squash, make your own marinara and you'll never be able to tell the difference (well, yeah...but it's not bad lol)