Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet the Girls

Really only one of the chicks has a name, Red.  She is our daughter's chick.

Red is the most curious, the larger of the two reds.  She seems to be the most flighty as well.  She could end up being the Mama Hen, but we don't know yet.  Right away she stood out for her richer color.  She is also the calmest when you hold her.  We hold them each everyday and she calms right down and sinks into your hand and starts to "purr".  Red is the one who may be our Houdini.  She almost got out of the box on the way home and almost got out some other time.  I think when I was cleaning out the box.

While she has a nice rich color, her wings aren't as pretty as the other red.

Meet Jewel, as I call her in my mind.  I really don't want to name them as we may eat them.
 Her wings remind us of butterflies.  Our daughter calls her is the "girliest".  She doesn't pick on the others at all.  She doesn't push the other around to get food either.  One time she was even trying to nuzzle under one of the blackies wings. 
She is also pretty skittish.  When we are reaching in there to hold one of them she runs around chirping.  She is a follower for sure...well they all are, but more so than the others.

Then theirs poopy.  We really don't call her that, but she has poop stuck to her backside.  We have tried to get it off and will probably have to bathe her.  The other barred rock has no name either.  They are also harder to tell apart.  Though Son says he can tell them apart.  Poopy had a crusty on her beak that we could use to tell them apart, but it is now gone.  Poor thing is a mess.  She is a tad bigger than the other.  They don't like to be held as much as the reds, but will relent.  It will be fun to see how their personality emerges.

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A said...

I <3 the name Jewel for a chick!! I miss our chickens a lot!!!