Monday, July 22, 2013

They're Chicken

So the other day we had a rather eventful chicken day.

It started out with Little Joe crowing...FOR THE FIRST TIME!!
It was rather cute, like he had a sore throat.
We are going to see how much and how loud he gets.  We may have to trade him as we aren't supposed to have roosters in the city.


A little later in the day one of the hens, Cheeky AKA Cleopatra, fell into an empty trash can and FREAKED out!  When one freaks they all freak.

The same day, they are out free ranging and I hear them making "scared" noises.  I look out just in time to see a hawk swooping down.  Scared that bad boy away, only to see a hungry cat right next to our wall a little while later.  I kept them in their coop for like two days.

I really think they got shook.  When they come out to free range they don't hardly go anywhere.  They really feel safe in their coop.

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