Monday, February 8, 2010

Bathroom "Redo"

When we bought our house about five years ago, we knew we wanted to redo the bathrooms. However, we needed to tackle our debt first. Unfortunately (I am sort of glad!), we had to half redo our bathroom. We call this the blue bathroom. The tub is blue too!! Anyway, we had a leak in under the vanity that ruined it. (Sorry that I don't have a photo of the vanity.) It was the same color brown wood as the mirror with an off white sink. Here's a photo of the bathroom after the vanity was removed. After (stage one)...I painted the mirror to match the new vanity (from Home Depot). I also painted the tacky brass around the light fixture. The toilet barely fit. DH had to cut part of the handle off! As you can see I needed new decor and towels.

I found these pretty items at Hobby Lobby (I wish I could buy half of the store). Each was 1/2 off!! YES!
As you can see I need a few more items to round off the group, an I got new towels!
I got the hand towel, face cloth, shower curtain, plastic shower curtain, curtain hooks and a bath mat for under $40 at Burkes!
Here's a different view...(at this angle you can't see the kids mess on the other side of the sink!)
Any ideas as to what to do with the wood border?
As always, thanks for looking!

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