Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On My Nightstand

One of my loves is reading. I read mainly in bed when I go to sleep. So I usually have a stack of books (library) on the dresser (which is my nightstand).

I am only a few chapters into Part of the Pride and really enjoy it.

First, I think Kevin is either crazy, living on the edge or super gifted. I read mainly non-fiction. This is so not me that it seems like fiction.

Kevin's ability to be with the lions (and other animals) is simply amazing. The book starts out with a tense get to know you lion scene. Then proceeds to talk about his child/teen hood. Can't wait to get to know the lions better. I have watched a few videos of him, and golly he and the lions are just like dogs and humans.

Warning: There is some profanity.

I am half way through the book. It's still good. That's a good thing. Just you just hate it when a book starts out good and then fizzles out? Anyway, Kevin's relationship and understanding of the lions and hyenas is very deep.

I still recommend this book!

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