Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scoliosis Part 2

So we went to our first Physical Therapy yesterday. I was mostly talking. The OT (who is from Holland...small world) asked DD a bunch of questions so he could pin point the problem. She was having pain. Come to find out that the pain was not from her scoliosis but from bad posture!

He did a few very easy exercises with her. Told her she needs to do them at home, how to sit in a chair, etc.

She doesn't want to do them. So this morning, in school we all did them and others. Time to be the tough parent. Our DD is usually very good and does what we say. For this, well it's a different story.

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Nikkie's Journal said...

My mother took a picture of me walking on the beach. When I saw how bad my posture was - and how visible my scoliosis was - I smartened up pretty fast. (Of course, I never admitted that this worked to my mother until I was an adult. LOL) But I dediced then and there to change, and I've had good posture since (sometimes by habit, sometimes I have to remind myself). So my advice, take pics of her when she isn't expecting it and show them to her. She might just change her mind about changing her posture.