Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 days of blogging

Let's see if I can do this.
There's a challenge to blog for 30 days here.
I am late in joining.
I am going to do my best.  If nothing else I will have ideas to blog about.

(This is the most recent photo of me.  Isn't it a beauty!  I like this pic though.  Daughter and I lok the same.  My mom and aunts give the same look too.)

About me.
1. In high school I was not asked out much.  When I was it was the "nerds".
2. Spelling is not me strong subject.
3. I can hula hoop pretty darn good.  You should see the tricks I can do (honestly haven't tried for a long time) on my legs and neck.
4. I LOVE to bake.  But you already knew that.
5. I am the only girl my hubby brought home to meet his parents.
6. I really like yogurt covered raisins.
7. Dunkin Donuts decaf coffee is my drink of choice every morning, afternoon (ok all of the time!).
8. I am a Red Sox and Celtics fan.  Anything Boston really.
9. My favorite color really is gray.

10. I have never gotten a tan.
11. I am known as Plain Jane to my hubby.  He is the "wild" one.  (This refers to food more than anything.)
12. Growing up I wanted to be an author (I am sort of with this blog.), an archaeologist (but I don't like to get dirty), a CSI type (but blood and guts get to me) a wife and mommy (this one I am and suits me fine.).
13. I also wanted to be a dancer.  Say on solid gold, MTV, Fame, etc.  That was my Wii, dancing to the videos on MTV.
14. I am a sucker for military, especially Marines.  Explains why I married one.

15. I have always liked bald guys.  Good thing for hubby.

Thanks for reading.


Sandra said...

Love all the layouts you posted! Great to get to read more about you!

Shari said...

This was fun to read. Love the LO's you shared too.