Friday, May 13, 2011

a few things

just a few things...

*where did the comments go from the last post????  i know i had some.
*saw a car with a surfboard on the top in the middle of the desert yesterday.  licence plate...cali.  made me smile.  and then sing "which one of these things doesn't belong..."
*the kids are outside playing so nice...shhh...if they know i am onto them they'll stop.
*son wants deviled eggs for his birthday dinner.  that's it.
*our compost pile really smells.
*i love, i mean LOVE my hubby.  can't wait for him to get home!
*my dear friend will be living here again very soon!

have a wonderful weekend.


Holly said...

I lost a whole post! Guess I should go find it!lol

Anne of Alamo said...

1. blogger is doing updates, all should be well soon
2. surf board in NM, bha ha ha
3. yeah on outside kids
4. you can make square deviled eggs
5. compost needs more brown, paper/hay to bring smell down and water
6. we love your hubby too, well, not as much but he is a household name here
7. I can't wait and get teary eyed reading that you miss me, and now am all thinking I hope she IS talking about me??

Pressed Petals said...

anne...#7 who else?