Friday, May 20, 2011

a profile of inspiration

in school, fridays are our day to change things up a bit, do our science and so on.
we are done with science! 
so we did a geography drill...see how many states you can name.  not bad.
we also did an art project.
the older the kids get the harder it is to get them to do art without groaning.
i have been wanting to do this art for awhile.

our daughter replies last night after i announced we would be doing art, "it's not where you tear up magazines and make a picture is it?"
me: "well, yes."

anyway, to cut to the chase the art project went good and hers was the best.
my inspiration is from meg of whatever.
tracing the silhouettes was funny.
we couldn't hold still.  we just couldn't help laughing.
i left it up the them what they wanted to do with their silhouettes.

 here's my stash...i was going to go all black then saw these colors.

 here's sons...he did not like the way it turned out...looks like broccoli.  don't know why he wanted the chairs.
 mine...statue of liberty?...a star wars character?...not the look i was going for.

here's the winner.  i so want to make another one and copy her.  not bad for someone who didn't want to do it and thought that brother would be way better.  i kinda want to make one of each of us for wall decor.