Friday, May 4, 2012

Neighbors and Names

For years we have had funny names for our neighbors.

Behind the pink house was a small little house with a small man who looked just like Charles Manson.  NO joke.  He wouldn't even say hi to the kids.

While in the same pink house we had many church members as neighbors.  We didn't name them, honestly.

Here in our current house we had the Cereal Killer for years.  Everyday this elderly man would dump a bowl of cereal in the gutter.  Everyday!

A few house's down from us lived The Babysitter.  She was a very grouchy old lady who babysat our kids class mates.  The kids were sweet; she was not.

On the corner from us lives the Spider Gang guy.  I heavy set white man who wore this tight shirt with a big spider on it.  Hence forth hubby dubbed him the Spider Gang.

A couple of blocks from us lives the Garden Lady.  Yes, she has a garden and we always walk by to see the progress.  But golly you had better bring your ice tea if she's out there with her hubby, they are quit the talkers.

At one time we had a Shelly, Sherri and Cheryl...oh and Sandy, the very visually impaired older lady who only says hi to hubby.  She walks everywhere.

Last night hubby and I went for our nightly walk.  We finally got to meet another neighbor.  He is farther away, but we pass his house enough he feels like a neighbor.  I have long admired his garden and have wanted to ask him some tips.  Last night he was out fixing his truck.  We ended up talking for probably 20-30 minutes.  Meet his "cook" Katie.  He is 75, has hair like Frederick Douglass, just not as white.  Really nice man.  Gave us some gardening tips, learned he makes moonshine (right here!!), is from East Texas.  I really like these folks and plan on visiting again.  He welcomed us to take from his garden anytime.  As we left he had these parting words, "We are poor, but friendly." 

His words will ring in my heart for some time.  He knew what mattered/matters in life, having friends and being friendly.  Lesson learned and now to apply.

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