Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Books vs. eBooks

I love to read.
The majority of my reading I do in bed before I sleep.  It helps me go to sleep.
I am not an avid reader, but the librarians do know my name.

Here's what I am reading right now.

I was given a Kindle for my birthday.
This was not something I even asked for, or honestly, wanted.
I was just given a new Kindle
But I gave it a try.
I like it, but I still LOVE books.

What I like about the Kindle:
*All of the free books you can get.  (and that is ALL I have gotten.)
*You can conveniently take it anywhere with you.
*It is light to hold in bed.
*You can surf the store right there, though it is easier on an actual pc.
*You can take notes, bookmark, see the definition right there.
*All of your books are stored right there.

*For cookbooks you need to real deal.
*I really like the feel of books.
*I can check out most of the books I want at our library for free.
*I like the stack of books on my bedside dresser.
*I like the sound of turning a paper page.
*The pages/chapters are much more clearly defined in a real book.
*It is easier to go back to a page with a real book.

I am thankful for getting the Kindle and will continue to use it, but old school books still get my vote.

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A said...

Thats cool my dad has a paper-white kindle too!