Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brother #2 got Married

This past weekend one of my four brothers got married.
It was one of the most beautiful, Christ-centered weddings!  What a blessing to know that the baby I once babysat (we are 17ish years apart), the little boy who was our ring bearer is saved and starting a beautiful life with a wonderful lady.

 My dad and his girls, right before the wedding...from left to right...My daughter, me, Dad, my sister and her daughter.

 Two of my brothers.  Josh is the groom and Zach will be next to get married.

 Isn't she gorgeous?!?  Her dad gave the best "speech" at the reception.  I don't think there was a dry eye!  (By the way, she's a home schooler...see we're normal.  heehee!)

 Part of the fam, starting at the boy at the bottom, working clockwise, our nephew, my step-mom, brother #2, brother #3 and down to the fine gent, that would be my dear dad, the half man is my brother-in-law.
OH, Right to the right of my dad is brother #4.

Josh reading the vows he wrote for Heather!  They both had such sweet vows.  You can see a little of the gorgeous scenery.  Simply beautiful.  Perfect day.

After this shot of Dad and Debbie, our camera died.

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Aaaawh she is absolutely gorgeous!!!