Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Olympics

Much has been said about Special Olympics.  It's great benefits and how it brings people together.
Much has been written in a greater way than I could write it.
So I am going to tell you what it is to me.

When I first got involved in S.O. I really wanted to join and see if wanting to adopt special needs children, especially ones with Down syndrome was more than a charitable thought. 
Also, I wanted to see how I would feel and act around "those" people. ("those" people are now my friends)

It was softball season when I finally found out who to get a hold of and joined.
I have to tell you that I am NOT athletic at all. 
So I was really putting myself out there.  I think some practices left the coaches wondering if I was an athlete to a volunteer.

What I discovered about myself is that what my heart was telling me was much more than charity.
I LOVE being with "dis"abled people.
They have they ability to laugh at almost everything and almost all of the time.
They make you feel so loved even when they barely know you.
I was really able to relax around them.
They have the ability to remember who you are and really focus on you in a conversation.
And let me tell you some of them can REALLY converse!

This past Sat. we had our area Track and Field area games.
There was a torch with runners.  Lots of athletes.  Our area folks are in red.

These guys, I call them my guys.  They are our relay runners among other things.  The relay race was thee bast race of the day.  We were behind and our last runner (the gent on the left) really gave it his all and won it!!  It was truly an exciting thing to watch and be a part of.

Group shot before the games.

No matter how you feel or what is "wrong" with you, when you see these folks giving it their all regardless of their setbacks, your problems become much smaller.  Each one in these photos has a story and a warm smile to share. 

The next time you see a "dis"abled person, don't be afraid.  Say hi.  Don't worry they don't see your bad hair day or your...they see you as a person.  You may just make a new friend.

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