Thursday, March 11, 2010


First, I wanted to let you know that I have a homeschool blog too.  You can check it out here
Fun science experiments there.

I think I have mentioned that I am redoing my our office.  It was becoming a catch all room.
Homeschool stuff, DH stuff, old childrens' books, post its, things that had no place got put in the office.
I have cleaned it out and started on the decorations.

Here, I am working on the chalkboard.
I found this old frame at an antique store.  It was marked $10, but I got it for $5! 
I wiped off the dust and am going to leave it all "old" looking.
DH got me the back and the metal.
Here it is before paint.
Here's the paint I used.  I bought it at WalMart, I think for abour $8-$9.  It really covers alot.
I also had alot of the stuff in bins.  I went through the bins and tossed much of it.  The kids either outgrew the items (dress up clothes, etc.) or they just don't use it.
I put the stuff they do use in coffee cans.  I got these cans free from an online yard sale.  Just had to tear off the wrapper and wash.  DS helped me label them.
I am going to get old, gray wall lockers free too.  DH needs to take me to the "source". 
Hopefully tomorrow.  They will replace two mismatched bookshelves, we've had for years.

I will post the final chalkboard photo when it's all done!

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