Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing Undergarments and a DIY Project

Did I get your attention?

I have to share a little tale of missing undergarments.  It seemed that while getting ready for church a few times I couldn't find my slip.  DD didn't have it, dryer/washer didn't have it.  I was giving up hope of finding it and about to put it on my shopping list.  DH came home one day waving it in his hand (being rather open subtle).  Saying, "Look what slipped under the seat of the car!"  Ah, I do remember.   Here's how it got there.  One Sunday while sitting in church I noticed my slip was showing a bit.  I tried to fix it.  No luck.  So I removed it in the bathroom and then took it out to the car, hide it under the seat so no one would see it.  I guess I did a good job of hiding it!

Now DH is missing some of his undergarments...

I made a little Honey Do list clipboard for my honey today.  I have always felt like a nag giving my DH a list of to-dos, but he loves lists.  And after all these years I think I am finally getting it.  So I made him this little clipboard.  I had a simple title on it, which DH really liked, but I wanted to "dress it up" some.  I got the idea from this blog.  (I can't find the actual post.)

Here's what I did.  I snagged a few paint samples from WalMart...shh.  I kind of felt bad.  But this color had a LOT.  Green is DH favorite color.  I cut them in half length wise with a paper cutter.  The clipboard cost 97 cents at WalMart.
I laid them out, staggering them as I went.  (I don't know why this photo is bigger than the previous.) 
I used regular school glue.  Then added a strip of ribbon I used for the curtains in the office.  (Photo coming.)
I let it dry a bit.  Then trimmed the excess.

I have added "Honey Do" per DH request using a labeler.  I placed it in the bottom righthand corner.

Now I need some suggestions. 
I made this and then got stuck.  I want to put "You are here" by the little human.  Like you are here in my heart. (the kids didn't get it.) 
However, I don't know what to use. 
Got any ideas?

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