Thursday, March 4, 2010

Space for Rent and Other Random Stuff...

A few years ago we had secret sisters at church.  My secret sister got me this chalkboard.  Just recently I repainted it and even painted over the picture that was on the top.  My family was a bit suprised by that.  So, I wrote "Space for Rent" until I think of something else to put there.
Here are some other random thoughts:

If you own a basset hound the best type of water dish is a butter tub type of container.  It keeps the ears from getting into the water.

When you want a few minutes to yourself and your whole family follows you into into the living room (after you told them you want to be alone) then you are either in trouble or they want to see you explode!

Straightners don't last long at all when owned by a 14 year old girl.

If I don't make my bed in the morning it probably won't get made.

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