Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scoliosis pt3

Ok...I have not been able to update you here in the last few days because I have been on the phone.  No joke.  I wish I could say that I was talking to humans for the most part.

I just got off of the phone (which was busy) and am killing time until I try again.

Let me back up here a bit.  Took DD to Dr.R1 in Jan. when we noticed her spine.  We had just switched Dr.s too. 

Dr.R1 reffered us to Dr.R2 (orthopedic).

Dr.R2 reffered us to Dr.M (a spine doc) who is an hour and a 1/2 away.

We have also been to physical therapy twice with Mr.G.

Her appointment with Dr.M was supposed to be tomorrow.  I had to reschedule.

Here's why...when we saw Dr.R2 , he told me to just come on in and pick up the xrays before your appt with Dr.M.  He said it a couple of times.  So I call Dr.R2's office yesterday to get the xrays.  They don't do that.  They mail them to the dr.'s office or you can pay $30 per xray for copies.  I went round and round.  Telling him that had I known this I would've called much earlier!  A big UGH!

So, I had to resedule.  They can't get her in until the middle of April.

Dr.M's office called me to let me know DD has an appt tomorrow (didn't anyone tell her that it was rescheduled?)  She also informed me that I will need to briong a refferal from Dr.R1.  (Thanks for telling me now.)

I also got a letter in the mail from our insurance, which leads me to call them to switch our primary Dr.  After finally getting a human, she tells me that she can't find Dr.R1.

So, I call Dr.1 and hit the wrong number, and get a machine.  I hang up, call again.  Yes, Dr.R1 takes our insurance and I will have to leave a message on the machine that I just hung up on!!!  Hope they don't have caller ID!

I still have to call our insurance and let them know that yes Dr.R1 takes our insurance.

Are you confused?  I am!  Golly, I really feel for those who have to do this on a regular basis!

Also, blogger has reformatted the area where I post and I can't seem to find the spell I know there are mistakes!

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Pom said...

Oh how I feel frustrated for you, Christine! If I didn't know better I would have thought you're living next door to me in Bangkok. (Insert cynical laughters here.) Those things happen to us so darn often that we're more or less used to it. But that's terrible, terrible thing!!!

I wish you and your DD all the energy you need to keep strong, physically, mentally and emotionally. I'll always pop in here for the updates with my fingers crossed. :)