Saturday, September 18, 2010

hot air

This time every year, it never fails. 
The balloon festival gets me running out (in my pjs) with the camera.
Here are some shots from our yard. 
This one was right over our house.
Now these are all so close that you can see/hear the people and the flame.

Even Smokey the Bear came by.

We thought that this was going to land in a field near us.

Though the above balloon didn't land by us another one did.
On our street.  We had one land in our driveway before!
Sorry for the sideways video.

Some cities have storm chasers, here we have balloon chasers.
Our neighbors were out watching along with some folks who were just driving around and saw this one going down.

I have been guily of balloon chasing myself with our daughter and her friend, in our pjs!

I'll have to post those pics for ya!

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Mandi said...

Wait a second-- are you in Cedar City? I see mountains. . . I see balloons. . . ?