Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Mustard Seed of Faith

I have been thinking, searching, studying what faith really is for some time.

Webster says: Faith (n) 1. belief; trust, esp. in God or religion.

The Thesaurus: Faith, constancy, fidelity, allegiance

My pastor: (he has said many things on faith, but this one stands out) When your circumstance/s doesn't line up with the Word of God, you need to believe the Word of God.

The Bible is loaded with scriptures on and about faith.

Faith is something I know I have, but it is something I honestly struggle with.  When we prayed for a child and lost her, getting pregnant again tested my faith.  During times of marital hardships it took faith to believe that things would work out.  When two dollars left over seemed like alot, it took faith to know that we'd have enough food for our kids.  When I saw our daughter's curved spine, I had enough faith to know that God would heal her, but questioned just how much I really had, when told her healing depended on my faith.  During this whole sickness I have believed, yet asked God to help my unbelief.  Sometimes it's hard to hear just believe, just have faith, when sometimes that little mustard seed of faith feels like it could blow away from the grasp of your hand.  Sometimes it's hard when you hear about other people "just believing" and pow, they got their miracle, when you have lifted up your seed time and time again to God and seen what you think as little or nothing.

God has worked out most of the above situations in ways that I wouldn't have thought.  I am just ready for this mustard seed to move some mountains.

From H.A. Maxwell's book The Power of the Blood
"Because the enemy is tenacious, the victory does not always come easily.  Sometimes we need to battle with the weapon of the blood in prayer for weeks and months.  But victory is certain.  In Rev. 12:11 we read of saints who overcame satan 'by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.'  No hint is given if the possibility of failure.  They overcame."

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Mandi said...

Sometimes I see faith and patience, going hand in hand. Too many times I've asked, and only later did I see why I needed to wait.

If this is about your sickness, I'm so so sorry this is still going on. I hope it's just over SOON. HUGS