Monday, September 13, 2010

Cork Board, Spines and Mystery Date

I finally redid our corkboard. 
I think this was one of my thrifty finds from a long time ago.
The frame has been painted one too many times.

And the cork was, well...looking pretty bad.

I bought this cork board, took this failed frame project
(I didn't reverse the iron-on and the handles wouldn't fit.) attempt at a nifty coffee table tray.
You can see the frame as I bought it here.

After consulting my hubby, I put the two together.

LOVE the detail on the frame!  I may paint it. 

Just a peek into our homeschool world.
We made a spine.

I have a wonderful hubby.
He called me last week to tell me that he was taking me on a mystery date.
The kids were out of town Friday with the youth.
So he took me up to the mtns (our favorite date place).
We went out to eat and then for coffee!


Mandi said...

That is a gorgeous frame for that! Ooh I wish I had something so lovely.

Also- I love that little insight to your homeschooling adventures.

Kat from California said...

Your corkboard is gorgeous!! I wouldn't change the frame. It's perfect!!

Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World