Tuesday, September 27, 2011

just pulling photos out of the files

The kids have colds.  Not bad, but still sick.

We made a teranium for science...thanks Anne for the container.
C picked out the plants, some type of fern and a cactus.

Just about done.  For some reason the colors relax me.

Art...watercolor and cut outs (no drawing allowed, for the cut outs) to make a stormy day. 
C's...she always put so much thought into her art.  She wasn't sure what to draw in the sceen.  I suggested off of the top of my head a graveyard.  There you go. 
She always has the better water colors too!

Son's...um, blame the medicine or the goofy mood, or call it totally abstract art...
He took more of our cut pieces and made something out of it.
Let me explain...the thing on the bottom left is a boat with someone's arm, then there are birds lined up on the dripping glue, in the middle we have a hill, with a tree and a dinosaur, and then on the right is another hill.
He even added a 3D affect to the tree.

Mine.  It is much harder then you think to just cut out items without first drawing them.

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shelly said...

those are cute watercolors! It would be SO hard to just eyeball it while cutting....and each kiddo's different....we have an artist, a math wiz, and an I don't know yet, but am fairly certain it will be completely different than his brothers ;)