Monday, September 26, 2011

They Are Onto Me

I had mentioned that I have been trying out new recipes without much success.

Here's the scoop.

I don't like to give some cooks a bad rep, so I won't really tell you whose cookbook I have been using.
However, she is married to a Jerry Seinfeld.

The main thrust of her cookbook is eating healthy (and who isn't trying to feed their family better).
She adds pureed vegies to almost everything.

Even desert.  These called for pureed carrots, but I was out.  So, I added pureed yellow squash.
Son took one bite and spit it out.  Seriously.  They weren't that bad.  Though too salty.  Hubby and can handle the "healthy" taste, but not the kids.

Her Spinach Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream was a thumbs down too.  I ate it all!  You have to like the taste of greek yogurt.  Can't taste the spinach, honest.

I have a few more to try and probably toss, but I will keep her trick of adding vegie purees to our food, though not religiously.

Just a word to famous cooks or those who are putting together a cookbook.  
PLEASE don't tell us "This is the best...I have ever eaten.", "Is this what Heaven smells like?"  and the like, until you've feed it to others outside of your family.  "Sounds too good to be true" fits in this case.


Anne of Alamo said...

tee hee...I know my freezer has never stored pureed vegi's ...tee hee...

shelly said...

We tried this a couple of years ago....ehhh....didn't last long. In fact, my kids actually eat the vegetable better when I serve them than if I tried to hide it. Don't try beet chocolate cake or avocado pudding (your welcome)

I'm all for living healthy--we try not to eat processed---the kids bucked it at first, but now I hope that they appreciate the time I put into their health ;)