Thursday, November 10, 2011

going vegan...?

so, my hunting, meat loving hubby and i are trying out the whole vegan thing.
now, we don't hug trees...we cut one down every Christmas.
we are trying it out for health reasons and nothing more.

so, i am going to blog about our progress into the vegan world.
i know there are anti-vegans out there, we were two of them.

i have made a few almost vegan meals.  (chicken and beef broth make them almost)
breakfasts are easy.
lunches pretty easy.  though we still are eating tuna.
dinner is the tricky part.
soups have been the easiest thus far to make vegan.

the other day i picked up a package of vegan hot dogs.

why not?
how were they?
not too bad, weird shaped but nothing i am going to crave anytime soon.
they would be better in a soup then in a bun.
though son ate three of them.

funny story.
daughter is already skeptical about what is served at dinner, since hubby hunts and we eat game.
after one bite she says, "what kind of hot dogs are these?"
me: "they are a different type of meat."
dd: "are they organic?"
me (looking at hubby): "yeah, organic."
dd: "is there grass in there?"
laugh, hahaha
later when we told her what they were..."i knew i tasted grass.  GROSS!"

tonight, i made a vegan cornbread.
(sorry for the blurry pic, this was the best one.)
here's what i replaced:
applesauce for the shortening
flax seed meal for the egg
wheat flour for the white (has nothing to do w/vegan cooking)
and flax milk for cow's milk

it wasn't bad at all.  daughter actually liked it.
it was a bit crumbly and a bit different texture, but still good.

i found a whole cookbook on vegan cookies that actually sound pretty good!

if you have any vegan hints please pass it on.

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